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CryoFusion device for a non-invasive body toning and body contouring

CryoFusion makes use of the cutting-edge technology that originates from Europe and combines cold (at -18°C/0°F) and heat (45°C/113°F) therapy and recently become a real game-changer for many SPA’s, Welness, Flooting and Cryotherapy centers across the globe.

CryoFusion allows to perform non-invasive and pain-free treatments involving ‘Thermal-Shock’ for the slimming, anti-aging, rejuvenating and physiotherapy results.  The device is fully electrical and does not require the use of chemical gasses.

CryoFusion has been designed to easily treat both the larger body areas (such as abdomen, buttocks, love handles) as well as delicate areas like eye zone safely and effectively.

It is compact, easy to handle and with an intuitive and a userfriendly interface.